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Great Oreo ad


Hurts your eyes if you stare at it for too long but clever recycling of an old optical illusion to promote the new version of Oreos by Interface Communications

Playboy: Before and After (great use of QR codes at last)

Finally!! I have been on the lookout for a clever use of a QR codes and I think I’ve finally found it…

before and after Playboy-Before-and-After13Great campaign by Y&R South Africa for Playboy Magazine

Droooool – Amazing typographic posters

Wow… need i say more


See more here

How would you like your graphic design sir?

Another take on the ‘Pick 2’ principle…


Paper coming to life

Mengyu Chen, an illustrator/ art director based in the US has created this amazing suite of ‘pop-up animated gifs’ (click on each one if there dont animate automatically in your browser) to promote her satirical comic book project – The Encephalic Cinema.







Type Cities


















Artist Hong Seon Jang makes elaborate cityscapes, called Type Cities, using old discarded pieces of moveable type from printing presses.

Totes Amazeballs!

FAST, GOOD, CHEAP – Pick two! by @AnthonyOram

Two fantastic and poignent posters from Brighton based designer Anthony Oram

The Sign Painter

Stunning video celebrating the art of signwriting (Great find by Chris at 24exp.)

By Justine Quart featuring Golden West Sign Arts


Introducing: Antonella Muscat

After taking the time to get in touch and introducing us to her work, with bases in both Hitchin and Great Yarmouth, Antonella Muscat has become the latest photographer to be added to our Creative Links section here at BeyondM25.

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