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At Nike78 Paul Jenkins pulls together a list of creatives to challenge the function of a pair of Nike shoes using sport as the inspiration to create an exhibition showcase at the London Design Festival 2010.

For example the very talented set designer/model maker Andy Macgregor has turned his pair into GalvaNIKEs by galvanizing them with a view to making them indestructible:


Follow its progress here.

Creative advertising – Friday fun

Always been a fan of good advertising and here’s a selection of some greats (in my opinion)…

Rubiks cube 25 years


Koba long lasting batteries

Copenhagen Zoo

Nikon S60 – Face detection


McDonalds real milkshake


Maxwell House


Folgers Coffee

Casino Di Venezia

Omax wide angle lense

Panasonic Lumix image stabilizer

Found here 90 Creative Advertisments You will Listen Too

Pick One

Last week I posted on The Most Awesomest Thing Ever but since then have stumbled across this simpler, but equally as revealing version called Pick One by Hey Ben.

Thought it would be interesting to see how the top 5 compared on each site at the time of blogging to see if there were any similarities and it appears Music comes out top trumps as it appears on both!
Well done Music!

Pick One:

Most Awesomest Thing Ever:

Thanks Swissmiss for sharing