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A crash course to shine


Brilliant work by Tribal DDB and Volkswagen  to raise awareness of the dangers of applying your makeup whilst driving by making use of the popular NikkieTutorials.

Volkwagen: Blue Motion Label ad – Practicing what they preach


Great ad by Ogilvy Cape Town where they demonstrate that VW practice what they preach withe their Blue Motion range by using the ad budget to create a label inserted into magazines that, when finished with, the reader can use to send it to a local recycling plant

Volkswagen: Bluemotion Labels from Ogilvy South Africa on Vimeo.

VW Beetle, Juiced Up – Fantastic augmented reality ads

Love love love these new ads by Canadian agency Red Urban for the new “beefed up” Volkswagen Beetle appearing on billboards and bus shelters

Download the app from iTunes and view these thru it…

Volkwagen Blue Motion Roulette

Love this idea from Oslo based agency Apt  promoting the low fuel consumption in Volkwagen Blue Motion cars by turning a car journey into a game of roulette.

They did this by splitting up the Route E6 in Norway into numbered sections, like that on a roulette table, and allowed people to place their bet on where along the route the car would run out of fuel. Giving people just one bet encouraged them to explore the website to get information and thus highlighting the 0.38 litres per mile stat that in the end had the car travel over 975 miles on a tank.

Players could track the progress of the car live on the site to see how close they got and the eventual correct guess had the player win the car used in the campaign.

Volkswagen TVC by DDB Sydney

Like this ad for Volkswagen TVC by DDB Sydney

…altho, must admit there is a similarity with it and the Honda ‘Choir’ ad by Wieden & Kennedy London, back in 2006

…and the subsequent spoof for 118 118 by Anson Harris (now of WCRS)