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Do you cut the mustard?

In a world where brands are competing for the number of “Likes” on Facebook, I often question whether, when I see the 51 million plus like of Coca-Cola, its a case of quantity over quality?

Well its refreshing to see a brand take a similar viewpoint where they are screening people before they allow you to like them.

Grey Poupon – Do you cut the mustard? (sorry) find out here

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Check out their ads from way back and you you’ll see their brilliant heritage of pompusness

The follow up was even better…

PS. if anyone can shed any light on the “Cut the Mustard” phrase i’d be much obliged, don’t you know.

Lost in Val Sinestra

Ohhh this is brilliant.

Connect with your Facebook friends and family to make them the stars of this spooky trailer for Lost in Val Sinestra by Swisscom

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Check out my video here

Great ‘Pay with a Tweet’ concept by @innothunder

Really love this idea by Leith Abraham and Christian Behrendt AKA the award-winning creative team – Innovative Thunder

Pay with a tweet is basically a social payment concept which puts value on people talking about your product (be it a book, piece of music, blog, service etc.) on their social networks ahead of the money you would get for selling it.

Heineken – The Invite

Great idea by Max Gebhardt for a social media connected bottle opener that invites your friends over for a beer. Whoever has the most friends attending, gets a free case of Heineken.

Great retro Twitter, You Tube, Facebook, Skype ads

Loving this retro ad campaign titled ‘Everything ages fast’ by Moma Propaganda for MaxiMidia seminars in Brazil.

Apparently the illustations are by 6B Studio but I can’t find any more information on them so if anyone out there know of them can you pass on their details.

Thanks Brett Wilson for sharing

Bloomsberry Chocolate – Brand with personality

I stumbled across Bloomsberry & Co over on David Aireys blog this morning and love the cheeky copy lines on their chocolate bar packaging, here’s a small selection I’ve pulled from their Facebook page.

Also got a very cute website that’s worth checking out too at www.bloomsberry.com

Physical Apps by Harriet McDougall

Love love love this animation, both because of it’s brilliant message and perfect execution, by the uber talented Harriet McDougall.

By putting everything onto screens, we have lost sight of the real potential of social technology.

There are possibilities in the real world which are missing from the digital world – things like tangibility, emotion, community, physicality and experience.

However, there are possibilities in the digital world that do not exist in the real world, mainly the potential to reach a vast audience which you could otherwise never be connected to.

What we’ve created are essentially real-world physical apps. that re-humanize social technology and combine the best elements of both the physical and digital worlds.

Thanks Russell Davies for sharing

Epic NIKE film – Write the future

Simply awesome new film from NIKE to launch their ‘Write the Future’ campaign by Weiden + Kennedy

This marks the first stage of a journey that will ultimately see fans around the world write their own future through experiences that put them at the center of the action. In June, fans will be able to live like their heroes through a unique experience on nikefootball.com that generates ripple videos and visuals from their own photos and information, placing them at the center stage.

Footballers can then use this creative to build their own Facebook campaign to get noticed and selected for “The Chance” – an elite Nike Academy football camp in partnership with the Barclays Premier League in England that allows players to get scouted and get noticed at the highest level of the game.

The above excerpt is from Nalden’s vimeo page which sums it up perfectly, definately worth checking out.