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Eat, Learn, Move by Rik Mereki

Three amazingly inspiring videos by Australian independent film maker Rik Mereki that are not only a treat to your eyes to watch but I challenge you to not want get up and try something new today!!

AWESOME – 360º video capture for the iPhone 4

Ooooo, this really needs to get made. Kogeto are trying to get funding to produce the world’s smallest panoramic video camera that will attach to the iPhone!

Help this project get off the ground by donating over at their Kickstarter page.

New Cee Lo Green video

Loving this typographic video for the controversial Cee Lo Green video – F*#K YOU (be aware in case you’re in the office, there’s swearing pretty much all the way thru this!)

And here’s the follow up official video, which is great fun too

Brilliant interactive music video for Arcade Fire

Who’d have thought the fantastic Arcade Fire would ever think of sunny Luton to use as a location in their new music video for We Used the Wait?

Ok, ok so technically speaking they didn’t but thanks to this cracking site by digital production company, B-Reel, you can enter your own location and due to the wonders of google maps you can make it seem like it is…

Here’s some screen grabs of the Luton video:

Click here to see full version

Wordplay by Everynone

WORDS is a beautiful wordplay video by U.S. production company Everynone.
It’s a wordladder brought to life, stunning!

Thanks Kitsune Noir for sharing

Insane 3D video mapping bringing buildings to life!

Caught a glimpse of these amazing 3D video projections by dutch multimedia bureau NuFormer.

Also love the ‘Around The Bend’ track on that one by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Beautiful stop motion music video for Tim Knol

Stunning stop motion video for dutch musician Tim Knol‘s song ‘When I Am King‘ directed by Amsterdam based Sverre Fredriksen.

Ten tons (or thereabouts) of timber were painstakingly soldered together to create the images, with about 5 hours work going into just one second of video. OUCH!

Check out the making of it here…

Thanks Kitsune Noir for sharing

Television is a drug

I thought it just the right time to post this as I’m sure the TV in most peoples home in the UK is feeling a little neglected after the amazing weekend of sun we have just had.

Great fun little video by Beth Fulton visualising Todd Alcotts poem, Television.

Thanks MyModernMET for sharing

Star Wars trilogy retold in 2 minutes using LEGO

This is very funny and can’t imagine how long it must have taken to do, think the voice over guy/kid is cracking!

Thanks ImJustCreative for sharing

Carlsberg – Probably the best team talk in the world…

Carlsberg are challenge people to give ‘Probably the best team talk in the world’ to the England football team ahead of the summers world cup in South Africa using social media sites to get it off the ground, YouTube in particular but also Facebook and Twitter to gain the support of England Football fans all over the world.

OMD UK are responsible for the huge digital media campaign behind this with Billington Cartmell responsible for the nationwide outdoor and press campaigns.

Go here for more World Cup fever