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Award winning ‘Rewind’ by Chris Butcher

Another brilliant example stop motion video – This time by up and coming talent Chris Butcher (part of the BA (Hons) Animation 2009 alimni of the University of Bedfordshire).

For this brilliantly original animation Chris has just won an Ideas Tap & Barbican award. His prize here is that it will be one of six short films shown before all the feature films appearing at the Watch Me Move festival from 15 June 2011 – 11 September 2011 at The Barbican, some well deserved exposure for local talent.


BIG BANG BIG BOOM – the new insane wall-painted animation by BLU

I’ve been a fan of BLU for some time and have posted about him before on mymatedaves.

Here is his latest epic stop motion animation which goes beyond the use of just paint and he now combines it with the use of everyday objects too.

I can’t begin to think how long something like this takes to just storyboard (I cant see him making it up as he goes along!) let alone actually do the painting/animation.

Thanks Kitsune Noir for sharing

Beautiful stop motion music video for Tim Knol

Stunning stop motion video for dutch musician Tim Knol‘s song ‘When I Am King‘ directed by Amsterdam based Sverre Fredriksen.

Ten tons (or thereabouts) of timber were painstakingly soldered together to create the images, with about 5 hours work going into just one second of video. OUCH!

Check out the making of it here…

Thanks Kitsune Noir for sharing

Star Wars trilogy retold in 2 minutes using LEGO

This is very funny and can’t imagine how long it must have taken to do, think the voice over guy/kid is cracking!

Thanks ImJustCreative for sharing