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Introducing: Antonella Muscat

After taking the time to get in touch and introducing us to her work, with bases in both Hitchin and Great Yarmouth, Antonella Muscat has become the latest photographer to be added to our Creative Links section here at BeyondM25.

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Introducing: Tony Pleavin Photography

So I hadn’t set any criteria as to how far outside the London ring road you need to be situated to be listed in Creative Links. The aim was to promote creative industries ‘Beyond the M25’ and I suppose the initial thought was to list those ‘just’ beyond it but since then have been in touch with people as far north as   Manchester and Huddersfield, who am I to set boundaries?…

So with that in mind, please say hello to the excellent Belfast based photographer Tony Pleavin who got in touch with some kind words about what I’m doing here.

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His outdoor photography is exceptional, love the way it makes me want to visit all the locations in his shots!

See more over at www.tonypleavin.com

Amazing ‘People in landscape’ series by Julian Calverley

WOW…. thats all I could say when Julian Calverley got in touch to let us know of his recent project ‘People in Landscape’.

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Hertfordshire based Julian has been in our creative links section here at BeyondM25 for some time now and never fails to impress with his ability to great intense atmospheric in every single shot.

See more of this series including some beautiful print work by Jack Lowe Studio on Julians blog here.
See the rest of his portfolio at www.julianclaverley.com 


Matt Swift Photography

Latest addition to the ‘Photographers‘ in our Creative Links section here at BeyondM25 is Derbyshire based Matt Swift, who got in touch last week with a request to be included.

Matt’s got a great selection of work on display in his portfolio over at www.mattswift.co.uk with my particular favourite being the atmospheric California collection.

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Beautiful photography from Shutterbetty

Milton Keynes based Artist/Photographer – Elizabeth Gorden, aka Betty from Shutterbetty, got in touch yesterday with some nice words about the blog (thanks Betty) and a request to be featured in our Creative Links section.

After checking out the work on display over at www.shutterbetty.co.uk it was the least I could do to share her talents with the readers of BeyondM25.

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She has a great portfolio of commercial work but also an amazing collection of thought provoking art projects on display too, definitely worth checking out.

instagr.am and ClassicTOY great fun iPhone camera apps

Apologies for the lack of posting over the last week or so. The reason for this being that my family and I managed a little get away to the stunning Lake District in Cumbria (well ‘beyond the M25’) for a week.

We’ve been going there for over 10 years now and it gets better every time. I highly recommend getting up there as it truly is a magical place, regardless of the weather (in fact, i’d goes as far as to say, a little bit of rain brings out the magic).

Anyway enough of me rambling on about my rambling, whilst I was away I had plenty of time to have a good play with two really great fun iPhone camera apps.

instagr.am being more of a photo sharing app, think flickr meets twitter with the added functionality of some lovely effects you can apply to your photos and ClassicTOY being more or what you’d expect from a camera app offering you all sorts of crazy lens to play about with and try to master.

Here’s are some of my meager attempts:

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WVIL – Is this the future of photography after cameras die?

Ooooo, as someone who really enjoys taking photos but am a long way off being able to call myself even an amateur photographer, this is really exciting…

Wireless Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens (WVIL) is a concept camera designed by Artefact which takes the connectivity and application platform capabilities of today’s smart phones and wirelessly connects them with interchangeable full SLR-quality optics – sign me up!

Read a great article on the WVIL over at Fast Company’s blog here.

Frazer Waller Photography

I’ve been meaning to post about and add Frazer to our creative links section here at BeyondM25 since first meeting him at the Milton Keynes Design Forum last year.

Frazer is a reportage photographer based in Buckinghamshire, UK and I for one am a big fan of Frazer’s gritty honest style – see more of his work here.

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Photography by based Peter Watkins

Peter Watkins, a Birmingham based photographer, recently got in touch with a request to be added to our Creative Links section here at BeyondM25.

After checking out his work on show on his site and then noticing he’d also had a mention in the International Photography Awards it was the least I could do was to add him. Welcome Peter…

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See more of Peters photos on display www.peterwatkinsphotography.com

Lutopia by Ben Hodson

Luton based photographer (and latest addition to our Photographers section in our Creative Links listings) Ben Hodson has been busy stiching together 100s of photographers to capture a moment in time (1 second to be precise) in various areas of his home town for his stunning Lutopia project.

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See more of Bens projects and commercial work at www.benhodson.co.uk