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The Perils of Technology: Then-n-now

Poignent video on the perils of modern technology by Shing02

MTV ‘Music Never Stops’

Some of you may have seen this last year, some of you may not but as yesterday some of us were talking about this great ad by Dulcidio Caldeira and ParanoidBR for MTV Brazil’s 21st birthday, I thought I’d share it here…

Chanel – Shade Parade

Love this fun piece for Chanel nail varnish by American music video and commercial director Patrick Daughters

Metropolis ll by Chris Burden

American artist Chris Burden takes the idea of playing with your toy cars to a whole new level…

Thanks Because Studio for sharing

Wonderful world of Cinemagraphs

***UPDATE: If you want to see the first 4 GIFs animating you will have to click them to open up in a separate window****

If like me you shudder at the mention of an animated GIF with horrid recolections of the pre-flash animations that filled up the flashing christmas tree style websites of the late 90s, it’s time to think again with Cinemagraphs.

Cinemagraph is a phrase coined by New York based photographer Jamie Beck and motion graphics artist Kevin Berg and is described perfectly on their site of the same name as ‘An image that contains within itself a living moment that allows a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved endlessly’

See more by Jamie and Kevin at

The technique has really started to take off since it’s ‘birth’ earlier this year with various tutorials appearing showing how to create your own. Some of my favourites are by Gustaf Mantel who uses films as his inspiration:

The 400 Blows

American Psycho

2001: A Space Odyssey

Full Metal Jacket

The Godfather


100 Years / Style / East London by @vecie78

I know this features the inside of the M25 but to prove that here at BeyondM25 we’re lovers not haters, we had to feature this plus, we think it’s great!

100 Year / Style / East London is a cracking mash up of music and fashion thru the years by The Viral Factory for Westfield Stratford City

PS. The reason for the radio silence over the last couple of weeks here at BeyondM25 is due to a long overdue break in Cyprus, but back fully refreshed now so expect more creative goodness business as usual.

Eat, Learn, Move by Rik Mereki

Three amazingly inspiring videos by Australian independent film maker Rik Mereki that are not only a treat to your eyes to watch but I challenge you to not want get up and try something new today!!