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Great viral bear and hunter ad for Tippex

The Old Spice advertising activity for me has been trumped by this great use of YouTube by Buzzman for Tippex.

You decide what the hunter does with the bear by inserting new words in the video title. There are obviously limitations to what you can put in the as you can imagine the options are limitless (and some crude) but even when something can’t be done they appear with an amusing Error 404 vid.

Some that definitely work are “Works with”,”Plays football with”, “Fights”, “Cuddles”, “Kisses”,”Dances with”,”Jumps”,”Teases”,”Feeds” and my favourite “Gets high with”

Great retro Twitter, You Tube, Facebook, Skype ads

Loving this retro ad campaign titled ‘Everything ages fast’ by Moma Propaganda for MaxiMidia seminars in Brazil.

Apparently the illustations are by 6B Studio but I can’t find any more information on them so if anyone out there know of them can you pass on their details.

Thanks Brett Wilson for sharing

Star Wars trilogy retold in 2 minutes using LEGO

This is very funny and can’t imagine how long it must have taken to do, think the voice over guy/kid is cracking!

Thanks ImJustCreative for sharing

Carlsberg – Probably the best team talk in the world…

Carlsberg are challenge people to give ‘Probably the best team talk in the world’ to the England football team ahead of the summers world cup in South Africa using social media sites to get it off the ground, YouTube in particular but also Facebook and Twitter to gain the support of England Football fans all over the world.

OMD UK are responsible for the huge digital media campaign behind this with Billington Cartmell responsible for the nationwide outdoor and press campaigns.

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