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Kick-ass digital storytelling by Kanoti

The first digital production agency has arrived at in our ‘Creative links‘ in the shape of Brighton based storytellers Kanoti.

With the mantra ‘Every brand has a story to tell’ they have produced a great showcase of beautifully crafted animations for a client list to die for.

See more of them at: www.kanoti.com

Gesture sharing on smartphones and tablets

Australian digital agency Amnesia Razorfish announced a cracking new bit of software that replaces the typical ‘send and receive’ interface with a more natural ‘gesture-based’ interface allowing smartphone owners to move their content freely between two devices by simply dragging content off their phone onto a Microsoft Surface Table and back onto another device instantly.

Horizont – We need one of these in our studio

Stunning art/video installation by Russian artist Stas Chepurnov that would feel right at home on the wall of our creative space in Tring

Thanks Today and Tomorrow for sharing

Let the iPad games begin!

Personally, as yet, I’m still undecided about the iPad for various reasons but there’s no denying it looks like it’s here to stay or at least has opened the floodgates for various other incarnations of touch based tablets.

That in mind, it would be foolish of designers of all kinds to not at least keep an eye on app developments as if it does nothing else it certainly blurs the boundaries between web design and traditional magazine design.

Mag+ is the first app I have come across to date that aims specifically at bringing printed magazines to the iPad with Popular Science+ being the first magazine published for this platform.

I must say I’m very impressed, desperate to get my hands on one to play with it now and also must also pay compliment to the guys at Bonnier for the way they have demonstrated its capabilities here too.

Thanks Moving Brands for sharing