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FAST, GOOD, CHEAP – Pick two! by @AnthonyOram

Two fantastic and poignent posters from Brighton based designer Anthony Oram

Introducing: Antonella Muscat

After taking the time to get in touch and introducing us to her work, with bases in both Hitchin and Great Yarmouth, Antonella Muscat has become the latest photographer to be added to our Creative Links section here at BeyondM25.

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Introducing: Tony Pleavin Photography

So I hadn’t set any criteria as to how far outside the London ring road you need to be situated to be listed in Creative Links. The aim was to promote creative industries ‘Beyond the M25’ and I suppose the initial thought was to list those ‘just’ beyond it but since then have been in touch with people as far north as   Manchester and Huddersfield, who am I to set boundaries?…

So with that in mind, please say hello to the excellent Belfast based photographer Tony Pleavin who got in touch with some kind words about what I’m doing here.

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His outdoor photography is exceptional, love the way it makes me want to visit all the locations in his shots!

See more over at

Introducing: Aaron Miller

We’ve been off the radar here at BeyondM25 for some time now for various reasons which I won’t bore you with as it’s neither the time or the place, but panic not we’re back in the park now and raring to go with a long list of creative talent to add to our Creative Links stumbled across during the downtime.

First of these  new additions is Cheltenham based illustrator Aaron Miller. Love distinctive colourful, cheery style that put a smile on your face whenever you see it.

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Check out his full portfolio at

Introducing: Fergus Wessel Stone Workshop

When I first started this blog way back when with an intention to promote the creative industries ‘Beyond the M25’ I never thought I would be talking about headstones!

Well after seeing this article on I Love Typography about Oxfordshire based Fergus Wessel and his letter Cutting talent I grew a new appreciation for the art involved in the Gravestone and simply had to add him as a Creative Link (altho now have to reconsider the titling of the Print & Packaging section!)

It’s odd really that it wasn’t more obvious to me how considered and perfect the end result has to be due to the finality of what he produces.

There’s no ‘cmd + z’ or ‘undo’ in his game, never time for a ‘re-print’ or ‘take the site down while we fix this’. And its so representative after all, what he does lives on long after the person it represents has unfortunately passed away so HAS to be ‘just right’.

Check out some of his beautifully elegant markings below and see more on his site at

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Introducing: MGT Design (@webdesign85)

A big welcome to Michael Thomas, director of MGT Design, who got in touch earlier this year to say hello and introduce his Northampton based web design agency with a view to being added to our Creative Links section here at BeyondM25.

They have a wide variety of work within their showcase, pay specific mention to SEO and social media optimisation and also have an insightful blog to keep you up to date with their thought and goings on.

MGT, consider yourself added…

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Introducing: Satellite Creative (@satcreative)

It’s moments like this that make running this blog such a pleasure. Stumbling across great talent that I, on a number of occasions, must have walked past in the street on my way to pick up some lunch or sat the other side of the pub without realising it.

It’s the whole point of this blog to bring to light the creative talent that exists on our doorstep to enable collaboration and conversation with like-minded folk.

Just around the corner from my day job at Grass Roots in the leafy countryside of Tring Hertfordshire, is our latest Creative Links addition Satellite Creative. An excellent full service design agency who have been around for over 11 years now so it’s no surprise to find a cracking portfolio of work on their site.

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Introducing: Bold & Noble (@boldandnoble)

You know when you see something and it makes you go ooooooooo, thats good! Screenprinting has that effect on me, it’s a combination of the boldness of colour and the imperfections that occur in the process that does it for me and the guys of Hitchin based studio Bold & Noble (our latest addition to Creative Links) have mastered it.

A wonderful collection of prints (all lovingly pulled by their own fair hands) available at their online store have ooooo’s a plenty add to that the amazing bookcovers and identity work and you have a whole firework display of ooooo’s and ahhhhhh’s!

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Introducing: GD Designs

You’d be hard pushed to find someone as talented as our latest Creative Links addition Geoff Donovan aka GD Designs.

Geoff is a magician when it comes to cardboard engineering and specialised packaging. There is nothing this man can’t do with a quality piece of stock and a scalpel. He never fails to blow our socks off with the innovation and quality of finish in all his work.

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He has a website on the way, but in the meantime you can contact him here.

Introducing: Dave Shelton

BeyondM25 welcomes Cambridge based illustrator Dave Shelton (and his bagful of adorable characters) to our Creative Links.

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