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Chalk Puma Ping Pong table

This is awesome, adding this to the wish list for our studio space…

It’s a collaboration between PUMA and New York based brand strategy and product design consultancy Aruliden. It’s definitely working taking a look at the Aruliden Site as this is just one of many cracking projects they have in their bag.

Thanks Looks Like Good Design for sharing

UP THERE – A daredevil artform

New York based writer/director/musician/talent Jon made (with a little help from his friends) this truely fantastic film, Up There. It’s about the painters who are, even in this digital age, hanging from the sides of buildings 30+ storeys up creating stunning works of art that happen to be adverts.

Find out more about the painters from Colossal and see the making of it here at The Ritual Project an art and fil project comissioned by Stella Artois

Abandoned places – Modern ruins

Incredible photos of eerily silent abandoned places. Modern ruins left for another generation to discover.

Follow the links to see more, find out more information about each site and see credits for the photography.

Abandoned British Sea Forts

Abandoned Submarine Base, Ukraine

Pripyat, Ukraine – Chernobyl Ground Zero

The Ruins of Detroit

Abandoned Water Park, Russia

Beelitz Military Hospital, Berlin

City Hall Subway Station, NYC

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PIXELS by Patrick Jean

This fantastic short film written and directed by Patrick Jean for  One More Production in Paris, is simply mind blowing and will leave you chomping at the bit to see more. I love the idea of Pac Man causing havoc on the underground (oop sorry, Subway)

Thankyou Design You Trust for sharing

Simply Stunning tiltshift video

I’ve always liked tiltshift photography/video work…
I’ve always liked New York…

…this, I love!!!

Sam O’Hare is responsible for this amazingly beautiful piece of tiltshift video work called ‘The Sandpit‘ – A day in the life of NYC.

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