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Playboy: Before and After (great use of QR codes at last)

Finally!! I have been on the lookout for a clever use of a QR codes and I think I’ve finally found it…

before and after Playboy-Before-and-After13Great campaign by Y&R South Africa for Playboy Magazine

Do you cut the mustard?

In a world where brands are competing for the number of “Likes” on Facebook, I often question whether, when I see the 51 million plus like of Coca-Cola, its a case of quantity over quality?

Well its refreshing to see a brand take a similar viewpoint where they are screening people before they allow you to like them.

Grey Poupon – Do you cut the mustard? (sorry) find out here

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Check out their ads from way back and you you’ll see their brilliant heritage of pompusness

The follow up was even better…

PS. if anyone can shed any light on the “Cut the Mustard” phrase i’d be much obliged, don’t you know.

Blind Email

Love this idea and execution by Elvis Communication for a piece of email comms for the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)

The Dark Room

Love this piece of promo work for comedian John Robertson

Introducing: MGT Design (@webdesign85)

A big welcome to Michael Thomas, director of MGT Design, who got in touch earlier this year to say hello and introduce his Northampton based web design agency with a view to being added to our Creative Links section here at BeyondM25.

They have a wide variety of work within their showcase, pay specific mention to SEO and social media optimisation and also have an insightful blog to keep you up to date with their thought and goings on.

MGT, consider yourself added…

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Little Printer – Liberating digital content from its screen-based prison

This won’t be everyones cup of tea but I personally love the Little Printer by the awesome people at Berg London. Taking online offline.

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Read a great article about it over on FastCompany

Vasttrafik: Tram Sightseeing app

Found this on Creativity:

In the Swedish city of Gothenburg, many tourists pay for sightseeing tours when they could easily be seeing same sights from a public tram. So swedish ad agency, Forsman and Bodenfors (great site by the way, check them out!) came up with the idea for a Tram Sightseeing app for the city’s transport company Vastraffik. The app describes the sights as you pass them listening to headphones on your phone. The sights are geotagged and use the phone’s GPS to track your route. And the price is the same as for a tram ticket.

Love animated GIFs – Yes i said it!!!

Following on from a previous post about how my opinion of animated GIFs has drastically changed with the arrival of Cinemagraphs, the recent announcement of the death of flash development on mobile devices makes me think that they are going to make a massive resurrgence on the web.

Well if they look anything like these by Micaël Reynaud, then I welcome them with open arms…

Lost in Val Sinestra

Ohhh this is brilliant.

Connect with your Facebook friends and family to make them the stars of this spooky trailer for Lost in Val Sinestra by Swisscom

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Check out my video here

Great use of Chatroulette

Appreciate this has been around for a while, but yet to see a better use of Charoulette that this so far…