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LetterMpress™ Virtual Letterpress for iPad

Really like the idea behind this Kickstart project for LetterMpress, a virtual letterpress environment—released first on the iPad—that will allow anyone to create authentic-looking letterpress designs and prints.

It’s birth coincides with a growing interest from designers, artists and printmakers as a reaction to the “perfect” look of laser-printing.

The aim is to generate enough  funds thru the excellent Kickstart platform to enable them to rescue  the essential wood type collections and manual presses from the bonfires and landfills around the country so that not only do you get to create a digital edition of your artwork made on the iPad but they can realistically offer the service to authentically letterpress editions for you too.

Find out more and pledge at Kickstarter

Letterpress – There’s life in the old girl yet

As a lover of print design I can’t help but coo like a proud father everytime I see the results that can be produced by letterpress.

The ‘dying art’ is more and more becoming a thriving industry all over again, I know I for one am keen to apply it more and more to my work, you simply can’t beat results like these:

These stunning pieces are produced by EM letterpress in the states and I would be delighted to be put in touch with a press in the UK coming up with goods like these!

The guys at EM Letterpress love the art so much they blog about how they go about their business and share some of the insider secrets here and you can see more examples of their work on their flickr photostream here.