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Brooklyn’s Rube Goldberg

I remember as a kid building randomness my dad told me to stop wasting my time and that I was better off learning French as they’re building the channel tunnel don’t you know…

Bet Mr. Goldberg can’t speak French, mind you with a first name like Rube I suspect his parents encouraged his mentalness :)

Check out Brooklyn’s answer to him in Joseph Herscher showing us his “Page Turner” (click here or on image to see video)

PS. I never mastered French either!!

Vasttrafik: Tram Sightseeing app

Found this on Creativity:

In the Swedish city of Gothenburg, many tourists pay for sightseeing tours when they could easily be seeing same sights from a public tram. So swedish ad agency, Forsman and Bodenfors (great site by the way, check them out!) came up with the idea for a Tram Sightseeing app for the city’s transport company Vastraffik. The app describes the sights as you pass them listening to headphones on your phone. The sights are geotagged and use the phone’s GPS to track your route. And the price is the same as for a tram ticket.

Lost in Val Sinestra

Ohhh this is brilliant.

Connect with your Facebook friends and family to make them the stars of this spooky trailer for Lost in Val Sinestra by Swisscom

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Check out my video here

Starbucks Cup Magic

Fun augmented reality app from Starbucks for a bit of festive fun by Blast Radius.

Starbucks Cup Magic

Fun augmented reality app from Starbucks for a bit of festive fun.

Siri gets you a Beeri (by @go2publicschool)

This made me chuckle.

Texas-based creative studio Public School have gone as far as to work out a way for the new iPhone waiter Siri to actually get them a beer.

VW Beetle, Juiced Up – Fantastic augmented reality ads

Love love love these new ads by Canadian agency Red Urban for the new “beefed up” Volkswagen Beetle appearing on billboards and bus shelters

Download the app from iTunes and view these thru it…

Clown Nose container by Tomas Kral

These bins by Swiss product designer Tomas Kral inspired by a clowns red nose put a smile on my face…

Innovative use of the iPad by Disney AppMATes

Not sure who’s going to love this more, my 4-year-old or me?!

Reminiscent of years gone by, playing with toy cars as a child on my parents carpet using the design on the carpet as my imaginary race track.

Now you can play with physical models of characters of the Cars movie on a fully interactive digital track in the iPad.

Love the way the iPad ‘magically’ detects which character you’re playing with to personalise the experience!

I wonder which car manufacturer will pick up on this first?

Interactive Amnesty International ad against domestic violence

Great use of eye tracking in this interactive bus shelter ad, by German ad agency Jung von Matt, for Amnesty International highlighting the fact that domestic violence is often hidden from view.