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Introducing: Tony Pleavin Photography

So I hadn’t set any criteria as to how far outside the London ring road you need to be situated to be listed in Creative Links. The aim was to promote creative industries ‘Beyond the M25’ and I suppose the initial thought was to list those ‘just’ beyond it but since then have been in touch with people as far north as   Manchester and Huddersfield, who am I to set boundaries?…

So with that in mind, please say hello to the excellent Belfast based photographer Tony Pleavin who got in touch with some kind words about what I’m doing here.

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His outdoor photography is exceptional, love the way it makes me want to visit all the locations in his shots!

See more over at www.tonypleavin.com

Introducing: Law Creative

I’ve been meaning to add advertising and marketing agency, Law Creative to our ranks here at BeyondM25 since meeting up with them earlier this year.

Based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire with roots in London they have a client list as long as your arm and a portfolio to match.

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BeyondM25 welcomes 4 Seconds

Today we’d like to introduce your to 4 Seconds, a small design and marketing agency based in Tring, Herfordshire who like to make a big impression.

We struggled to decide which section of creative links to file them under as they tick a lot of boxes, from print to digital and including experiential/exhibition, but as they listed design and marketing on their own site, design is their home at BeyondM25.

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Fame at last!

Well this was a nice surprise… Yesterday a colleague brought to my attention that one of my posts had been used in a montage showing the effectiveness of a piece of work which I had posted about back in October last year (See Brilliant Location based game for MINI by JvT Stockholm).

See below for my 1 second of fame (big moment arrives a 1:57), don’t blink or you’ll miss it!





Mr Dunn* illustration from Buckinghamshire

The moment I found out about Buckinghamshire based Mr Dunn* being involved in the making of Charlie & Lola I simply had to add them to our Creative Links section, as it is this beautiful children’s TV series (along with Peppa Pig) that manages to get us a bit of rest bite at home with our toddler daughter as she simply adores them. Thankyou Mr Dunn*

They have a huge amount of work on display over at their site that I challenge you to not recognise at least one piece of it.

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Welcome Fall off the WALL

It’s been far too long since we added to our creative linksDigital‘ section here on BeyondM25 so it’s a particularly warm welcome to Fall off the WALL, a Hertfordshire based creative agency that specialises in design and production for digital media with a talent for print media thrown in for good measure.

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This slide show does them no justice at all, so for the full impact, I recommend going to their site to see more of their portfolio with all the movement and sound included.