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A crash course to shine


Brilliant work by Tribal DDB and Volkswagen  to raise awareness of the dangers of applying your makeup whilst driving by making use of the popular NikkieTutorials.

Great use of Chatroulette

Appreciate this has been around for a while, but yet to see a better use of Charoulette that this so far…

Embrace Life – always wear your seat belt

This award winning Public Service ad by writer/director Daniel Cox
for The Sussex Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) gives me goosbumps everytime I watch it!

Samsung Project Space Planes

Great concept here (albeit by someone who appears to lack the ability to blink) to show of the strength/durability of Samsung memory cards where they attach them to paper planes launched from space!

Well they only went and pulled it off didn’t they…

Did you find a plane??? Go to Project Space Planes Website where you can enter a planes number, and in turn be able to contact the person who originally left a video/photo message on the card.

Inspiring talk by Ze Frank at TEDGlobal

Saw this inspiring talk on TEDGlobal on using the web as a playground by Ze Frank last night. He’s the comedian/writer/inventor of things behind the “How to dance properly” viral that you may or may not have laughed your socks off at a few years back.

Great viral bear and hunter ad for Tippex

The Old Spice advertising activity for me has been trumped by this great use of YouTube by Buzzman for Tippex.

You decide what the hunter does with the bear by inserting new words in the video title. There are obviously limitations to what you can put in the as you can imagine the options are limitless (and some crude) but even when something can’t be done they appear with an amusing Error 404 vid.

Some that definitely work are “Works with”,”Plays football with”, “Fights”, “Cuddles”, “Kisses”,”Dances with”,”Jumps”,”Teases”,”Feeds” and my favourite “Gets high with”

Gravity – Renaud Hallée

Great little spot by Montreal based Renaud Hallée called Gravité

Thanks Changethethought for sharing