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Undoboy – Graphic design & illustration

Multi-disciplined Undoboy has so many feathers in his cap its unreal.

I’ve shown a small sample of his work previously here on BeyondM25 (See Blik wall Decals) but didn’t do him justice.

Based in Portland in the US he has a vast portfolio of Art direction, Graphic and Interactive design, but it’s illustration work that really catches my eye.

See more of his work here at his entertaining first website undoboy.com 1.0
And more here at www.undoboy.com

Zeptonn – Illustration, Graphic Design & Art Direction

I’ve mentioned Netherlands based illustrator Zeptonn before on BeyondM25 (see Blik Wall Decals) and just had to share some more of his work with you.

His unique colourful style features on everything from identity work to editorial to installations and even wellies, great stuff!

See more at www.zeptonn.nl but it’s definately worth checking out his flikr sets as they show his thinking and experimental work also.

Blik Wall Decals

Blik Wall Decals from Venice Beach CA produce have the most fantastic range of wall decals to choose from off the shelf at their online store (by a cracking list of illustrators including Undoboy and Zeptonn -watch this space for posts on these guys) but also offer a fully customized service if you so wish, here’s wishing!

Trying my hardest to get some of these up in our studio in Tring, the hardest part is deciding which one!