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The Perils of Technology: Then-n-now

Poignent video on the perils of modern technology by Shing02

The merging of technology and magic by Marco Tempest (@virtualmagician)

Technoillusionist Marco Tempest wonderfully performs his magic for both sides of the brain at TED Global this year in Edinburgh.

Robotic Stand up comedian at TED

I can think of a few comedians who come across as robotic, but how about a robot that is a stand-up comedian?!!

OK, OK its early days yet, but its exciting to see how it feeds off the audience reaction and thus changes it’s performance to suit, this has got legs, literally!

An illustrated history of content

Great fun infographic for aggregator app Taptu. A collaboration between digital marketer Philip Sheldrake (@sheldrake) and talented illustrator Nic Hinton aka Karoshikula (@karoshikula) showing how we have come along way since the days of painting on walls in caves.