Video- Letter Carver Fergus Wessel – The Spirit of Lettering in Stone

New Video on Letter Cutter Fergus Wessel

Have a look at my video on my love of fine lettering in stone.  I speak about the process of making hand carved headstones, memorials, heraldry and the importance of detail. #headstones #video #memorials #typography

Obelisk Sundial at Buscot Park, Oxfordshire

Last winter I was asked by Lord Faringdon of Buscot Park, Oxfordshire, to make an Obelisk Sundial to go at the end of a sweeping walk in the grounds of Buscot Park. The obelisk was designed by Sundial expert Sir Mark Lennox-Boyd to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.
The obelisk has 6 faces of green slate, with noduses made from bronze with gold plate. One each face I carved Egyptian hieroglyphs which represent six different things, namely the Queen, Morning, Noon, Eternity, and Afternoon. I was given advice on these carvings by an Egyptologist from the British Museum.
Buscot Park, in Oxfordshire has fantastic sweeping grounds down to a lake with a number of avenues lined with trees, each culminating in a focal point, this obelisk being one of them. The sundial tells the time to the minute and visitors enjoy working out how to read it.  For more information visit Fergus Wessel’s website.

Obelisk Sundial

Obelisk Sundial at Buscot Park



Slate Panel of Obelisk

Close up of slate panel

Sundial faces

Sundial faces

Great Oreo ad


Hurts your eyes if you stare at it for too long but clever recycling of an old optical illusion to promote the new version of Oreos by Interface Communications

Playboy: Before and After (great use of QR codes at last)

Finally!! I have been on the lookout for a clever use of a QR codes and I think I’ve finally found it…

before and after Playboy-Before-and-After13Great campaign by Y&R South Africa for Playboy Magazine

Droooool – Amazing typographic posters

Wow… need i say more


See more here

How would you like your graphic design sir?

Another take on the ‘Pick 2’ principle…