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The merging of technology and magic by Marco Tempest (@virtualmagician)

Technoillusionist Marco Tempest wonderfully performs his magic for both sides of the brain at TED Global this year in Edinburgh.

Jonathan Harris : Today

Just saw this video of a project the awesome Brooklyn based storyteller Jonathan Harris* has been working on since turning 30 in 2009.

‘Today’ simply consists of a photo a day, but here, in a way only he knows how, Jonathan makes it sound truly inspiring and makes me want to start my very own version.

You can see the photos and their individual descriptions here at Number 27. Whilst there you should definitely check out his other projects, including We Feel Fine and The Whale Hunt

* Been a fan of Jonathan’s work since seeing this TED talk some time back which I also fully recommend taking the time to watch.

Inspiring talk by speaking poet Sarah Kay

Saw this on the way into work this morning, what a great way to start the day than an inspiring talk by the speaking poet Sarah Kay.

This feels particularly poignent to me at the moment as my little girl is at that wide eyed curious age where nothing is impossible.

Hear and see more of her beautiful poetry here

Robotic Stand up comedian at TED

I can think of a few comedians who come across as robotic, but how about a robot that is a stand-up comedian?!!

OK, OK its early days yet, but its exciting to see how it feeds off the audience reaction and thus changes it’s performance to suit, this has got legs, literally!

David McCandless talks about ‘The beauty of data visualization’

Great talk by data journalist/information designer David McCandless (author of the fantastic ‘Information is Beautiful‘).

Here are two of his infographics that have been doing the rounds for some time that I think are superb and truly enlightening (worth clicking the titles to see fuller versions as the information is key)

Left vs Right

Selling Out