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FAST, GOOD, CHEAP – Pick two! by @AnthonyOram

Two fantastic and poignent posters from Brighton based designer Anthony Oram

The Sign Painter

Stunning video celebrating the art of signwriting (Great find by Chris at 24exp.)

By Justine Quart featuring Golden West Sign Arts


The Perils of Technology: Then-n-now

Poignent video on the perils of modern technology by Shing02

Boba’s invoice to Jabba (by @laserbread)

This made me laugh by Minneapolis based artist Brock Davis.

Boba Fett‘s invoice to Jabba the Hutt for hire services including the (live) capture of Han Solo.

Eat, Learn, Move by Rik Mereki

Three amazingly inspiring videos by Australian independent film maker Rik Mereki that are not only a treat to your eyes to watch but I challenge you to not want get up and try something new today!!

John Cleese on Creativity

Embrace good taste – Inspiring interview with Ira Glass

Great video showing Ira Glass talking about the importance of staying strong to your ‘good taste’ and about how it’s ok to admit it to yourself when you’re working on something just isn’t good enough. He talks about it in the context of radio and storytelling, but change a few words here and it could apply to any creative discipline.

It’s ok to be wrong every now and again as long as you recognise it’s wrong and are striving to be right, eventually you’ll get there.

The ability to recognise your work as being wrong and admitting it (if only to yourself) is as important as getting it right.

I recommend watching parts 1,2 and 4 of the interview too if you have the time.