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AMAZING – Paper record player

Officially my favourite project of 2011 so far and another reason why, in terms of design, PRINT will never be dead….

New York based designer Kelli Anderson has managed to create a wedding invitation that, when folded, turns into a functioning record player complete with record containing recorded message from the bride and groom….wow blows my mind how creative one can be when we allow ourselves.

New Cee Lo Green video

Loving this typographic video for the controversial Cee Lo Green video – F*#K YOU (be aware in case you’re in the office, there’s swearing pretty much all the way thru this!)

And here’s the follow up official video, which is great fun too

Brilliant interactive music video for Arcade Fire

Who’d have thought the fantastic Arcade Fire would ever think of sunny Luton to use as a location in their new music video for We Used the Wait?

Ok, ok so technically speaking they didn’t but thanks to this cracking site by digital production company, B-Reel, you can enter your own location and due to the wonders of google maps you can make it seem like it is…

Here’s some screen grabs of the Luton video:

Click here to see full version

Beautiful stop motion music video for Tim Knol

Stunning stop motion video for dutch musician Tim Knol‘s song ‘When I Am King‘ directed by Amsterdam based Sverre Fredriksen.

Ten tons (or thereabouts) of timber were painstakingly soldered together to create the images, with about 5 hours work going into just one second of video. OUCH!

Check out the making of it here…

Thanks Kitsune Noir for sharing

Gravity – Renaud Hallée

Great little spot by Montreal based Renaud Hallée called Gravité

Thanks Changethethought for sharing