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FAST, GOOD, CHEAP – Pick two! by @AnthonyOram

Two fantastic and poignent posters from Brighton based designer Anthony Oram

The dream/worst design brief ever – The Olympic Logo

The Olympic Games – Is officially the worlds greatest spectacle and because of this is also the most scrutinised branding brief that you can imagine.

Back in 2007Wolff Olins unveiled the London 2012 logo to an enormous backlash of WHAT THE ….! Myself included but I for one quickly came round to really liking it and as the games draw closer I think the nations opinion has soften towards it but still Haters gonna Hate!

Well the Paralympic branding for Rio 2016 has now been released, after the plagiarism scandal surrounding the Olympic version earlier in the year. With both the new logos by Tatil now in hand along comes the inevitable (some might say unfair) comparisons.

I’ll get the ball rolling, as a non ashamed fan of the 2012 logo, I think Tatil – maybe in fear of receiving the same backlash that Wolff Olins received 4 years ago – have played it very safe. Using cliched trends that have arrived over the last year or so that will go out as quick as they came in and therefore be a distant memory before the games even begin in 5 years time. London 2012, as controversial as it may be, no one can deny will be remembered for at least trying to make a statement. It’s given partners/supporters of the games a distinct style to latch onto and use to create the necessary excitement and anticipation required ahead of the worlds greatest spectacle, and that will live on long after Usain Bolt claims another record in the 100m (thats if he makes it in the first place).

Anyway that’s my tuppence worth, without further ado…let the Games begin :)

Introducing: Satellite Creative (@satcreative)

It’s moments like this that make running this blog such a pleasure. Stumbling across great talent that I, on a number of occasions, must have walked past in the street on my way to pick up some lunch or sat the other side of the pub without realising it.

It’s the whole point of this blog to bring to light the creative talent that exists on our doorstep to enable collaboration and conversation with like-minded folk.

Just around the corner from my day job at Grass Roots in the leafy countryside of Tring Hertfordshire, is our latest Creative Links addition Satellite Creative. An excellent full service design agency who have been around for over 11 years now so it’s no surprise to find a cracking portfolio of work on their site.

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Introducing: Bold & Noble (@boldandnoble)

You know when you see something and it makes you go ooooooooo, thats good! Screenprinting has that effect on me, it’s a combination of the boldness of colour and the imperfections that occur in the process that does it for me and the guys of Hitchin based studio Bold & Noble (our latest addition to Creative Links) have mastered it.

A wonderful collection of prints (all lovingly pulled by their own fair hands) available at their online store have ooooo’s a plenty add to that the amazing bookcovers and identity work and you have a whole firework display of ooooo’s and ahhhhhh’s!

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Introducing: Law Creative

I’ve been meaning to add advertising and marketing agency, Law Creative to our ranks here at BeyondM25 since meeting up with them earlier this year.

Based in Harpenden, Hertfordshire with roots in London they have a client list as long as your arm and a portfolio to match.

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Introducing: Blayney Partnership (@blayneycreative)

A big welcome to BeyondM25 for Northampton based creative design agency Blayney Partnership.

Below is a small selection of their work,  check out their stunning award winning site here to see the full range of cross media capabilities they have up their sleeve.

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Boba’s invoice to Jabba (by @laserbread)

This made me laugh by Minneapolis based artist Brock Davis.

Boba Fett‘s invoice to Jabba the Hutt for hire services including the (live) capture of Han Solo.