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Introducing: Fergus Wessel Stone Workshop

When I first started this blog way back when with an intention to promote the creative industries ‘Beyond the M25’ I never thought I would be talking about headstones!

Well after seeing this article on I Love Typography about Oxfordshire based Fergus Wessel and his letter Cutting talent I grew a new appreciation for the art involved in the Gravestone and simply had to add him as a Creative Link (altho now have to reconsider the titling of the Print & Packaging section!)

It’s odd really that it wasn’t more obvious to me how considered and perfect the end result has to be due to the finality of what he produces.

There’s no ‘cmd + z’ or ‘undo’ in his game, never time for a ‘re-print’ or ‘take the site down while we fix this’. And its so representative after all, what he does lives on long after the person it represents has unfortunately passed away so HAS to be ‘just right’.

Check out some of his beautifully elegant markings below and see more on his site at

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Brooklyn’s Rube Goldberg

I remember as a kid building randomness my dad told me to stop wasting my time and that I was better off learning French as they’re building the channel tunnel don’t you know…

Bet Mr. Goldberg can’t speak French, mind you with a first name like Rube I suspect his parents encouraged his mentalness :)

Check out Brooklyn’s answer to him in Joseph Herscher showing us his “Page Turner” (click here or on image to see video)

PS. I never mastered French either!!

AMAZING – Paper record player

Officially my favourite project of 2011 so far and another reason why, in terms of design, PRINT will never be dead….

New York based designer Kelli Anderson has managed to create a wedding invitation that, when folded, turns into a functioning record player complete with record containing recorded message from the bride and groom….wow blows my mind how creative one can be when we allow ourselves.

Stunning work by Progress Packaging

All too often, in my opinion, the failure of a project can be entirely down to the actual way it gets delivered to your hand which is clearly and this is something the guys at the latest addition to our Creative Links section under Print and Packaging understand and value.

Progress Packaging all the way from Huddersfield, West Yorkshire (well Beyond the M25) have the most inspiring display of versatility on their site that makes you want to put your hand into your screen and touch each and every product.

Beautiful POP-UP book animation for JP Morgan Chase

Stunning 3D animation work done by american mulimedia firm, Psyop for JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Discovery KIDS branding

Really like the packaging work for Discovery KIDS by Californian branding studio Mattson Creative. Think its got great energy about it and should appeal to the audience perfectly.

I mean this branding combined with products such as ‘Night Vision Goggles’ and a tornado maker I think they are onto a winner

Insane 3D video mapping bringing buildings to life!

Caught a glimpse of these amazing 3D video projections by dutch multimedia bureau NuFormer.

Also love the ‘Around The Bend’ track on that one by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Art from the amazing Xavier Veilhan

I’ve just been made aware of the awe inspiring work by French artist Xavier Veilhan and had to share some of it! The scale of some of his pieces simply blow me away and would love to see some of these in person.

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Check out a great post on his work over at My Modern Met.

Making the invisible, visible

Waves is an installation by Daniel Palacios, consisting of two motors spinning a piece of string which reacts to the sounds made by people around it. Creating beautiful and hypnotic real-time sound waves.

Waves’ utilizes a basic construction of a long piece of elastic string and two motors to visualize the presence of people close to the installation. The string between the two motorized chambers reacts to the people presence and movements, it twirls to produce a sine-wave simulation that eloquently resembles both the digitization of real-time sound waves and patterns of flow and connectivity found in natural systems.

The simple act of making the “invisible” visible can produce profound effects in both our understanding of the world around us and the close relationship we have to the natural and built environment that we occupy daily. Although the project may seem like a simple visualization of intangible forms, it nevertheless connects to our visceral side by creating unique sound output and striking visual stimuli that engage with “persistence of vision” and our connection to the spaces we occupy and their sonic and electromagnetic inhabitants.

Thanks Public School for sharing

Chalk Puma Ping Pong table

This is awesome, adding this to the wish list for our studio space…

It’s a collaboration between PUMA and New York based brand strategy and product design consultancy Aruliden. It’s definitely working taking a look at the Aruliden Site as this is just one of many cracking projects they have in their bag.

Thanks Looks Like Good Design for sharing