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Innovative use of the iPad by Disney AppMATes

Not sure who’s going to love this more, my 4-year-old or me?!

Reminiscent of years gone by, playing with toy cars as a child on my parents carpet using the design on the carpet as my imaginary race track.

Now you can play with physical models of characters of the Cars movie on a fully interactive digital track in the iPad.

Love the way the iPad ‘magically’ detects which character you’re playing with to personalise the experience!

I wonder which car manufacturer will pick up on this first?

LetterMpress™ Virtual Letterpress for iPad

Really like the idea behind this Kickstart project for LetterMpress, a virtual letterpress environment—released first on the iPad—that will allow anyone to create authentic-looking letterpress designs and prints.

It’s birth coincides with a growing interest from designers, artists and printmakers as a reaction to the “perfect” look of laser-printing.

The aim is to generate enough  funds thru the excellent Kickstart platform to enable them to rescue  the essential wood type collections and manual presses from the bonfires and landfills around the country so that not only do you get to create a digital edition of your artwork made on the iPad but they can realistically offer the service to authentically letterpress editions for you too.

Find out more and pledge at Kickstarter

Moshun, an animated typeface by Calango

Happy New Year y’all.

I’ve had a bit of a slow start to 2011 in terms of posting thanks to a very hectic holiday season but am well and truly back on the wagon now with this cracking animated typeface by dutch design studio Calango.





























A prediction for 2011 from me is that with the growing interest tablet based technologies, such as the iPad and the Playbook, interactive publications are going to become more and more common place (such asPhaidons Design Classics, and DK Eyewitness Travel apps) meaning we are going to be seeing a growing number of animated typefaces (good and bad) and the use of them in such apps.

Apple iPad Competition infographic

Nice infographic displaying the competition to the iPad very well.

See a larger version here.

Thanks IMJUSTCREATIVE for sharing.

How velcro changes everything…

Californian filmmaker Jesse Rosten has found one thing Apple iPad hasn’t got (apart from flash capabilities), yet…

Thanks Brandflakes for breakfast for sharing

Let the iPad games begin!

Personally, as yet, I’m still undecided about the iPad for various reasons but there’s no denying it looks like it’s here to stay or at least has opened the floodgates for various other incarnations of touch based tablets.

That in mind, it would be foolish of designers of all kinds to not at least keep an eye on app developments as if it does nothing else it certainly blurs the boundaries between web design and traditional magazine design.

Mag+ is the first app I have come across to date that aims specifically at bringing printed magazines to the iPad with Popular Science+ being the first magazine published for this platform.

I must say I’m very impressed, desperate to get my hands on one to play with it now and also must also pay compliment to the guys at Bonnier for the way they have demonstrated its capabilities here too.

Thanks Moving Brands for sharing