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Heineken – The Invite

Great idea by Max Gebhardt for a social media connected bottle opener that invites your friends over for a beer. Whoever has the most friends attending, gets a free case of Heineken.

Heineken Champions League prank!

A truly geeeenius piece of buzz marketing done for Heineken by JWT Italia (well beyondM25).

They got 200+ football lovers partners/lecturers/bosses to convince their man to reluctantly go to a classical music concert on the same night that the AC Milan vs Real Madrid champions league match was live on Sky Sports, one of the biggest clashes you can find in football.

Once the concert started words start appearing on the screen behind the performers and it soon becomes clear that they have been pranked and then they start to show the match cementing the message that Heineken are ‘made to entertain’

In the days following, the stunt was tweeted, blogged and covered in the news (TV and Print) all over the world – Brilliantly clever!


Thanks MyModernMET for sharing