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UPDATE: Brilliant location based game for MINI by JvT Stockholm

Just been made aware of the follow up video to this where MINI Getaway announced the winner and showed the reaction to and effectiveness of the campaign posted about back in October 2010 (see below video for original post).


Posted on:  October 19,2010

Caught this on Twitter yesterday and simply had to share it!
This fantastic location-based game, by Swedish advertising/brand agency Jung von Matt Stockholm, combines gaming, social media, the outdoors and MINI’s – right up my street!

Look forward to seeing if they announce a winner

INSANELY addictive HTML5 game: Z-type!

Wow, be careful before clicking thru to this link for Z-type, not only is amazing use of HTML5 (by Dominic Szablewski) to create a game but its brilliant simplicity of having to type the words floating down to shoot them makes it hideously addictive, you have been warned!!!

Draw and Fold Over

London-based integrated ad agency Albion have created a great website, Draw and Fold Over, in support of The Big Draw 2010 with one aim in mind – to get everyone drawing!

It’s great fun. Basically it’s a digital version of the age-old game where one person draws a head and neck on a piece of paper, folds it over and pass it on to the next person who draws the upper body, folds and passes it on to the next person who draws the legs, folds and then passes it onto the next person who draws the ankles and shoes and finally you open to reveal some cracking new species!

Here’s some we came up with in the studio:

Go try it at www.drawandfoldover.com and by all means send to me to do one of the folds at life@beyondm25.com and I’ll post the results here.