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Introducing: Antonella Muscat

After taking the time to get in touch and introducing us to her work, with bases in both Hitchin and Great Yarmouth, Antonella Muscat has become the latest photographer to be added to our Creative Links section here at BeyondM25.

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Introducing: Tony Pleavin Photography

So I hadn’t set any criteria as to how far outside the London ring road you need to be situated to be listed in Creative Links. The aim was to promote creative industries ‘Beyond the M25’ and I suppose the initial thought was to list those ‘just’ beyond it but since then have been in touch with people as far north as   Manchester and Huddersfield, who am I to set boundaries?…

So with that in mind, please say hello to the excellent Belfast based photographer Tony Pleavin who got in touch with some kind words about what I’m doing here.

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His outdoor photography is exceptional, love the way it makes me want to visit all the locations in his shots!

See more over at

Fallen Princesses

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Great project by Vancouver based photographer Dina Goldstein, see more Fallen Princesses HERE.

Introducing Graham Watson

The latest addition to our growing list of Photographers in Creative Links here at BeyondM25 is the talented Bedford based reportage-style brand and event photographer Graham Watson.














Wonderful world of Cinemagraphs

***UPDATE: If you want to see the first 4 GIFs animating you will have to click them to open up in a separate window****

If like me you shudder at the mention of an animated GIF with horrid recolections of the pre-flash animations that filled up the flashing christmas tree style websites of the late 90s, it’s time to think again with Cinemagraphs.

Cinemagraph is a phrase coined by New York based photographer Jamie Beck and motion graphics artist Kevin Berg and is described perfectly on their site of the same name as ‘An image that contains within itself a living moment that allows a glimpse of time to be experienced and preserved endlessly’

See more by Jamie and Kevin at

The technique has really started to take off since it’s ‘birth’ earlier this year with various tutorials appearing showing how to create your own. Some of my favourites are by Gustaf Mantel who uses films as his inspiration:

The 400 Blows

American Psycho

2001: A Space Odyssey

Full Metal Jacket

The Godfather


Amazing ‘People in landscape’ series by Julian Calverley

WOW…. thats all I could say when Julian Calverley got in touch to let us know of his recent project ‘People in Landscape’.

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Hertfordshire based Julian has been in our creative links section here at BeyondM25 for some time now and never fails to impress with his ability to great intense atmospheric in every single shot.

See more of this series including some beautiful print work by Jack Lowe Studio on Julians blog here.
See the rest of his portfolio at 


AWESOME – 360º video capture for the iPhone 4

Ooooo, this really needs to get made. Kogeto are trying to get funding to produce the world’s smallest panoramic video camera that will attach to the iPhone!

Help this project get off the ground by donating over at their Kickstarter page.