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The Sign Painter

Stunning video celebrating the art of signwriting (Great find by Chris at 24exp.)

By Justine Quart featuring Golden West Sign Arts


Introducing: Fergus Wessel Stone Workshop

When I first started this blog way back when with an intention to promote the creative industries ‘Beyond the M25’ I never thought I would be talking about headstones!

Well after seeing this article on I Love Typography about Oxfordshire based Fergus Wessel and his letter Cutting talent I grew a new appreciation for the art involved in the Gravestone and simply had to add him as a Creative Link (altho now have to reconsider the titling of the Print & Packaging section!)

It’s odd really that it wasn’t more obvious to me how considered and perfect the end result has to be due to the finality of what he produces.

There’s no ‘cmd + z’ or ‘undo’ in his game, never time for a ‘re-print’ or ‘take the site down while we fix this’. And its so representative after all, what he does lives on long after the person it represents has unfortunately passed away so HAS to be ‘just right’.

Check out some of his beautifully elegant markings below and see more on his site at

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Vasttrafik: Tram Sightseeing app

Found this on Creativity:

In the Swedish city of Gothenburg, many tourists pay for sightseeing tours when they could easily be seeing same sights from a public tram. So swedish ad agency, Forsman and Bodenfors (great site by the way, check them out!) came up with the idea for a Tram Sightseeing app for the city’s transport company Vastraffik. The app describes the sights as you pass them listening to headphones on your phone. The sights are geotagged and use the phone’s GPS to track your route. And the price is the same as for a tram ticket.

VW Beetle, Juiced Up – Fantastic augmented reality ads

Love love love these new ads by Canadian agency Red Urban for the new “beefed up” Volkswagen Beetle appearing on billboards and bus shelters

Download the app from iTunes and view these thru it…

Life’s too short – Brilliant advertising for

Just thought I’d mention one of my favourite ad campaigns of all time, the “Life’s too short for the wrong job” campaign by German agency Scholz & Friends for online recruitment company

It’s been around for some time now (and picked up many awards) but I just never get bored with looking at it!
























































































































Thanks 9GAG for sharing

VW Fun Theory Speed Camera Lottery

Ohhhh this is sooo good!

Speed Camera Lottery, an idea by Kevin Richardson (a senior producer at Nickelodeon Kid & Family Games Group in San Francisco), is the winner of ‘The Fun Theory award’ where you get people to reduce their speed by making it fun and rewarding. Brilliant!

The Fun Theory is an initiative by Volkswagen brought to life by the awesome DDB Stockholm and is dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better. Be it for yourself, for the environment, or for something entirely different, the only thing that matters is that it’s change for the better.

Like having fun? Like making progress? You have to check it out here