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How would you like your graphic design sir?

Another take on the ‘Pick 2’ principle…


FAST, GOOD, CHEAP – Pick two! by @AnthonyOram

Two fantastic and poignent posters from Brighton based designer Anthony Oram

Introducing: Fergus Wessel Stone Workshop

When I first started this blog way back when with an intention to promote the creative industries ‘Beyond the M25’ I never thought I would be talking about headstones!

Well after seeing this article on I Love Typography about Oxfordshire based Fergus Wessel and his letter Cutting talent I grew a new appreciation for the art involved in the Gravestone and simply had to add him as a Creative Link (altho now have to reconsider the titling of the Print & Packaging section!)

It’s odd really that it wasn’t more obvious to me how considered and perfect the end result has to be due to the finality of what he produces.

There’s no ‘cmd + z’ or ‘undo’ in his game, never time for a ‘re-print’ or ‘take the site down while we fix this’. And its so representative after all, what he does lives on long after the person it represents has unfortunately passed away so HAS to be ‘just right’.

Check out some of his beautifully elegant markings below and see more on his site at

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Put a smile on your face…Lionel Richie Teapot by @LorrieMud


Great fun teapot serving tea for one by New Jersey based artist/designer Lorrie Veasey of Our Name is Mud.





Buy yours here





Google “Trying not to be evil” – by Patrick Clair

Thought provoking animation about the all encompassing Google, by australian motion designer Patrick Clair.

Monetising Facebook ‘LIKE” with Flattr

As a ‘blogger’ I can’t help myself but be excited by the opportunities Flattr offers.

As another alternative to the Paypal donate button, it seems like it’s an opportunity to take the Facebook ‘LIKE’ button and add actual value to it.

If my understanding is correct basically as a Flattr user you’ll deposit a certain amount (determined by yourself) into your account at the start of a month, and then thru the course of the month you click various Flattr buttons as you come across content you value on the internet, then at the end of the month your deposit gets split equally into micropayments across all the sites you’ve ‘Flattr’d’. Brilliant! Get Flattr’ing!

Creative Bedfordshire

Happily stumbled across two little gems over the weekend that have even more enforced the message we at Beyond M25 preach that there is most definitely life in the creative industries ‘beyond the M25’.

The first being – Creative Bedfordshire

This is the exact sort of thing I hoped to stumble across when starting up BeyondM25 when looking for other creative services in the area.






Blurb from their website:

Creative Bedfordshire is the hub of creative enterprise in Bedfordshire, which responds to the needs of individuals and businesses, an up to date resource, valuable to the creative sector and the wider business community countywide, a link to local support, promoting Bedfordshire’s creative sector locally, nationally and globally.

The Creative Bedfordshire website offers Creative Industries a unique environment in which to promote their business and keep track of what’s going on across the County’s Creative scene. It provides an essential platform to help your business access other Creatives and promote yourself to new markets.

It’s very encouraging to see another place to explore/visit and use as a resource when trying to source inspiration or collaboration.

Looking forward to seeing more from them in the future.

The second of the little gems (courtesy of Creative Bedfordshire) is We Are Bedfords initiative The Castle Quay Weekender. See more here