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The Perils of Technology: Then-n-now

Poignent video on the perils of modern technology by Shing02

Do you cut the mustard?

In a world where brands are competing for the number of “Likes” on Facebook, I often question whether, when I see the 51 million plus like of Coca-Cola, its a case of quantity over quality?

Well its refreshing to see a brand take a similar viewpoint where they are screening people before they allow you to like them.

Grey Poupon – Do you cut the mustard? (sorry) find out here

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Check out their ads from way back and you you’ll see their brilliant heritage of pompusness

The follow up was even better…

PS. if anyone can shed any light on the “Cut the Mustard” phrase i’d be much obliged, don’t you know.

smart: fun fortwo

Another great automotive ad, this time for Smart. AMVBBDO challenged skaters Kilian Martin and Alfredo Urbon to see if it was possible for two people to ride and perform tricks on just one board.

A crash course to shine


Brilliant work by Tribal DDB and Volkswagen  to raise awareness of the dangers of applying your makeup whilst driving by making use of the popular NikkieTutorials.

Blind Email

Love this idea and execution by Elvis Communication for a piece of email comms for the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)

Crossing the road will never be the same again!

Mr W.

Bit of an oldie here but still a great.

This wonderful piece of advertising by Nordpol+ for Euron won a Cannes Gold Lion and a Creativity Award in 2008. I won’t say too much as don’t want to give it away before you see the ‘film’ but suffice to say, there’s power in a story!

Lora Zombie

Love the whimsy in style yet deep meaning to Russian artist Lora Zombie‘s work

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Peugeot HYbrid4 Graphic Novel




Great use of scrolling and interesting adaptation of the graphic novel concept by BETC to describe the features of the Peugeot HYbrid4 here

Volkwagen: Blue Motion Label ad – Practicing what they preach


Great ad by Ogilvy Cape Town where they demonstrate that VW practice what they preach withe their Blue Motion range by using the ad budget to create a label inserted into magazines that, when finished with, the reader can use to send it to a local recycling plant

Volkswagen: Bluemotion Labels from Ogilvy South Africa on Vimeo.