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Frazer Waller Photography

I’ve been meaning to post about and add Frazer to our creative links section here at BeyondM25 since first meeting him at the Milton Keynes Design Forum last year.

Frazer is a reportage photographer based in Buckinghamshire, UK and I for one am a big fan of Frazer’s gritty honest style – see more of his work here.

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Photography by based Peter Watkins

Peter Watkins, a Birmingham based photographer, recently got in touch with a request to be added to our Creative Links section here at BeyondM25.

After checking out his work on show on his site and then noticing he’d also had a mention in the International Photography Awards it was the least I could do was to add him. Welcome Peter…

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See more of Peters photos on display www.peterwatkinsphotography.com

Lutopia by Ben Hodson

Luton based photographer (and latest addition to our Photographers section in our Creative Links listings) Ben Hodson has been busy stiching together 100s of photographers to capture a moment in time (1 second to be precise) in various areas of his home town for his stunning Lutopia project.

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See more of Bens projects and commercial work at www.benhodson.co.uk

Simon Winnall Photography

Latest on our list of talented photographers beyond the M25 is Birmingham based Simon Winnall who got in touch with a view to being added to our ‘creative links’ section.

I Think emotion is wonderfully evident in all of his distinctively retro styled shots, leaving me wanting to find out more about what happened before and after the moment captured. Stunning, see more here – www.simonwinnall.com

Beautiful photography by Julian Calverley

Fresh on the blocks in our Beyond M25 Creative Links section is the talented photographer Julian Calverley from sunny Hitchin.

I love the atmosphere created on every one of Julians shots be it a moody, intense landscape or a light, airy office portrait he seems to get it just right every time.

Adding another feather to his cap is stunning his underwater series, see more here.

Bokeh Photography

I was introduced to the term ‘Bokeh Photography‘ last week. Altho having seen the effect before, I never realised the technique had its own name or even that there are masters in the art it.

The term, stemming from the Japanese word for Blur or Haze – ‘Boke’, refers specifically to the aesthetic quality of the blur when taking photos with a shallow depth of field. Turning out of focus points of light into ‘focus points’.

Here are some great examples (click on image to see source):

See more great examples at WDL and here at The PhotoArgus

See how to create your own Bokeh here at DIY Photography

Andrew Brooks Photography

Manchester based photographer/digital artist Andrew Brooks has some superbly atmospheric work on display at www.andrewbrooksphotography.com

Andrew’s creative process often results in capturing hundreds of images to create a complete work. Then, a meticulously developed sequence of cut, paste and rebuilding, moulding a new scene from his own vividly re-imagined viewpoint that is consistent, yet also a parallel with that of the perceived reality it represents Taken from Andrews website

Thanks LooksLikeGoodDesign for sharing