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What’s not to like? Great article on Creative Review

Found a really great article posted on Creative Review by Patrick Burgoyne called “On Liking

He talks about why people ‘like’ things and how do we tap into those emotions when designing to ensure a happy client and the end of a job. Or at least how do we get beyond them when justifying a design in as much as it our clients audience we need to appeal to!

He start’s a great thread in the comments section by asking:
How do you maximise your chances of a piece of work being liked (by the client not necessarily his/her audience)? Or do you just take a deep breath and hope? And how do you cope when you’ve done everything asked of you and the client just doesn’t ‘like’ it?

Definitely worth checking out if you’ve ever been in a situation where even after all your probing for a solid brief and research into the subject and audience profile your client simply hasn’t ‘liked’ a solution, but can’t explain why?

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