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100 Years / Style / East London by @vecie78

I know this features the inside of the M25 but to prove that here at BeyondM25 we’re lovers not haters, we had to feature this plus, we think it’s great!

100 Year / Style / East London is a cracking mash up of music and fashion thru the years by The Viral Factory for Westfield Stratford City

PS. The reason for the radio silence over the last couple of weeks here at BeyondM25 is due to a long overdue break in Cyprus, but back fully refreshed now so expect more creative goodness business as usual.

Nike Grid: London’s Your Gameboard

With more and more emphasis on social network games (Foursquare, Gowalla, MyTown) relying on the use of a smart phone or at least one with internet connection ability I’ve often thought there are a lot of people out there who don’t get a chance to play, this ones for you… Nike Grid

Race – Chase – Sprint – Dial!
Basically you play by logging in at a phone box (free phone) then score points by getting to another phone box in the same postcode in the quickest possible time. Simple and engaging, brilliant!
Not only is it a form of social gaming but also encourages running, its a win win!

But it appears it’s only a 24hr game starting 8pm on Friday 23rd April so you have got to be quick to claim your postcode!

Must also admit I am loving the Spooks style website to give it that underground/spy feel to the whole thing. Check it out here!

Thanks MyModernMET for sharing