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Great illustations by Stuart Kolakovic

Love the retro muted style of our Creative Links latest addition, the talented Stuart Kolakovic from Rugely, Staffordshire.

The Evolution of the Geek

Fun infographic found at Flowtown. (click image to see larger version)
I’m pretty sure that if you’re reading this you’ll find yourself somewhere on here only one missing for me is the Band Geek.


Great illustration work by Andrea Berretta aka Pepper

Italian graphic designer/illustrator Andrea Berretta (aka Pepper) has some simply great work in his portfolio. Particular fan of his hand rendered typography work, the world can never have enough of this in my opinion.

Great tribute to Micheal Jackson and an insight to how he works here to:

Draw and Fold Over

London-based integrated ad agency Albion have created a great website, Draw and Fold Over, in support of The Big Draw 2010 with one aim in mind – to get everyone drawing!

It’s great fun. Basically it’s a digital version of the age-old game where one person draws a head and neck on a piece of paper, folds it over and pass it on to the next person who draws the upper body, folds and passes it on to the next person who draws the legs, folds and then passes it onto the next person who draws the ankles and shoes and finally you open to reveal some cracking new species!

Here’s some we came up with in the studio:

Go try it at www.drawandfoldover.com and by all means send to me to do one of the folds at life@beyondm25.com and I’ll post the results here.

Great animation by Neal Coghlan

Love this little animation by Neal Coghlan of Camden, London

Thanks Looks like good design for sharing

Amazing illustration by Fernando Volken Togni

A small selection of cracking illustration work by Porto Alegre (Brazil) based designer Fernando Volken Togni check out more on his site www.fernandovt.com

Thanks CreativeRoots for sharing

Wicked portrait series by Mark Summers

Canadian illustrator Mark Summers has done an awesome potrait series of famous historical figures, here’s a small selection but see more on his Behance site here. You’ll also find some other fantastic scratchboard work on display here too!

Julius Caesar


Atila the Hun

Alexander the Great


Genghis Khan

Henry VIII

Thanks creativeroots for sharing