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You know you’re a designer when…

Liked this site by Malaysian graphic designer Iqbal Hamid (aka AutaAutistik) which throws up random signs of “You know you’re a designer when…”.

Here are some of my favourites:

Check them out and submit more at You know You’re a Designer When.

It follows the style and sentiment of other popular sites (excuse the language) GoodFuckingDesignAdvice and WhatTheFuckShouldIMakeForDinner which are also worth checking out.

Thanks TheeBlog for sharing

The Evolution of the Geek

Fun infographic found at Flowtown. (click image to see larger version)
I’m pretty sure that if you’re reading this you’ll find yourself somewhere on here only one missing for me is the Band Geek.


Pulp Disney

In follow up to Full Metal Disney which I recently shared, I was told about this which again I couldn’t keep to myself…

Full Metal Disney

Had to share this, it’s hilarious…

Thanks 9GAG for sharing

Seabreacher – The ultimate diving machine!

Ok Ok, not strictly linked to the creative industries that I normally post about on BeyondM25 but the Seabreacher looks like soooooo much fun, I simply had to put it out there. What a way to let of a bit of steam after a hard day in the studio!

A bargain at around £60,000 I think you’d agree?

(Alternative) Disney Princesses

Everyday I have the pleasure of reading stories featuring one or more of these characters to my daughter, seeing these alternative versions (by Australian illustrator HelleeTitch)  definately brought a smile to my face…

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Friday Fun – A Pole Dancing Bear

Made me laugh…

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