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Full Metal Disney

Had to share this, it’s hilarious…

Thanks 9GAG for sharing

Seabreacher – The ultimate diving machine!

Ok Ok, not strictly linked to the creative industries that I normally post about on BeyondM25 but the Seabreacher looks like soooooo much fun, I simply had to put it out there. What a way to let of a bit of steam after a hard day in the studio!

A bargain at around £60,000 I think you’d agree?

(Alternative) Disney Princesses

Everyday I have the pleasure of reading stories featuring one or more of these characters to my daughter, seeing these alternative versions (by Australian illustrator HelleeTitch)  definately brought a smile to my face…

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Friday Fun – A Pole Dancing Bear

Made me laugh…

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Friday Fun – A few good creative men!

Brilliant bit of Friday fun, enjoy…

The Most Awesomest Thing Ever

A bit of Friday fun here… New York based (well beyondM25) digital agency Big Spaceship have done this Monty Python style battle site. A more advanced version of the Harry Hill ‘FIIIIIIIIGHT‘. Love the button sounds and the fact that at the time of posting ‘Lightsaber (real)’ came out as more awesome than ‘Oxygen’. Enjoy here

Blurb from the about section:
The Most Awesomest Thing Ever is scouring the universe for the Most Awesomest Thing. Ever. By endlessly pitting two things against each other, we’ve created a stage set for destruction. You will battle, winners will emerge. Only the strongest shall reach the hallowed halls of the Most Awesomest.

Thanks Swissmiss for sharing

Google search story creator

Pre-BeyondM25 I posted about the adorable simple google ad that appeared during the Superbowl this year…

They’ve only gone and created a tool to allow you to create your very own little story haven’t they…

Now you can’t turn down a challenge like that now can you, here’s my little attempt…