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Moshun, an animated typeface by Calango

Happy New Year y’all.

I’ve had a bit of a slow start to 2011 in terms of posting thanks to a very hectic holiday season but am well and truly back on the wagon now with this cracking animated typeface by dutch design studio Calango.





























A prediction for 2011 from me is that with the growing interest tablet based technologies, such as the iPad and the Playbook, interactive publications are going to become more and more common place (such asPhaidons Design Classics, and DK Eyewitness Travel apps) meaning we are going to be seeing a growing number of animated typefaces (good and bad) and the use of them in such apps.

Great animation by Neal Coghlan

Love this little animation by Neal Coghlan of Camden, London

Thanks Looks like good design for sharing

BIG BANG BIG BOOM – the new insane wall-painted animation by BLU

I’ve been a fan of BLU for some time and have posted about him before on mymatedaves.

Here is his latest epic stop motion animation which goes beyond the use of just paint and he now combines it with the use of everyday objects too.

I can’t begin to think how long something like this takes to just storyboard (I cant see him making it up as he goes along!) let alone actually do the painting/animation.

Thanks Kitsune Noir for sharing


Very funny and cleverly made video animation by Brisbane based Studio Joho that’s doing the rounds at the moment

Thanks Wal for sharing

Simons Cat – Simon Tofield

I challenge you to not laugh or go ahhh when you’re watching Simons Cat on You Tube.

The hugely succesful and adorable Simons cat has been drawing huge viewing numbers on You Tube for some time, has a delightful book available, and now even has his own iPhone app out! But it was only this weekend that I was delightfully informed that it’s creator illustrator/animator/director/cat lover, Simon Tofield, is from Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire, which is just around the corner from where BeyondM25.com is based. After hearing that I simply had to post about his adorable work and add him to the ‘Creative Links‘ section.

Hope you enjoy it as much as I do! See more here

PIXELS by Patrick Jean

This fantastic short film written and directed by Patrick Jean for  One More Production in Paris, is simply mind blowing and will leave you chomping at the bit to see more. I love the idea of Pac Man causing havoc on the underground (oop sorry, Subway)

Thankyou Design You Trust for sharing

Great 3D Infographics animation – Eat Real Eat local

Loving not only the stunning 3D info-graphics represented on this animation/video but really like the cause too – GO LOCAL!!

If anyone knows who this is by then enlighten me so I can give them a digital pat on the back!

UPDATE – I’ve since found out this was done by Toronto based brand agency Dashboard, well done you!