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Fiat Street Evo

Interesting take on QR codes by Fiat for this new game app.



Starbucks Cup Magic

Fun augmented reality app from Starbucks for a bit of festive fun by Blast Radius.

Starbucks Cup Magic

Fun augmented reality app from Starbucks for a bit of festive fun.

VW Beetle, Juiced Up – Fantastic augmented reality ads

Love love love these new ads by Canadian agency Red Urban for the new “beefed up” Volkswagen Beetle appearing on billboards and bus shelters

Download the app from iTunes and view these thru it…

Innovative use of the iPad by Disney AppMATes

Not sure who’s going to love this more, my 4-year-old or me?!

Reminiscent of years gone by, playing with toy cars as a child on my parents carpet using the design on the carpet as my imaginary race track.

Now you can play with physical models of characters of the Cars movie on a fully interactive digital track in the iPad.

Love the way the iPad ‘magically’ detects which character you’re playing with to personalise the experience!

I wonder which car manufacturer will pick up on this first?

Interactive Amnesty International ad against domestic violence

Great use of eye tracking in this interactive bus shelter ad, by German ad agency Jung von Matt, for Amnesty International highlighting the fact that domestic violence is often hidden from view.

The merging of technology and magic by Marco Tempest (@virtualmagician)

Technoillusionist Marco Tempest wonderfully performs his magic for both sides of the brain at TED Global this year in Edinburgh.

BeyondM25 welcomes 4 Seconds

Today we’d like to introduce your to 4 Seconds, a small design and marketing agency based in Tring, Herfordshire who like to make a big impression.

We struggled to decide which section of creative links to file them under as they tick a lot of boxes, from print to digital and including experiential/exhibition, but as they listed design and marketing on their own site, design is their home at BeyondM25.

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Great Premiership Twitter aggregator @myteamtweet

Possibly the worst week to stumble across this as an avid Arsenal fan but…

Like Football?
Like Twitter?
…you’ll love this!

Recent addition to our growing list of Web designers in our creative links section here at BeyondM25 – Norfolk based PANDR have created a cracking Premiership Twitter aggregator which allows you to keep up to date with your chosen clubs and their players official tweets all in one stream.

Check it out at

BeyondM25 welcomes PANDR

Peter Roome of Norfolk based web design and development agency, PANDR got in touch with some very kind words about what we do here at BeyondM25 and a request to be added to the ever growing list of Digital/Web designers in our Creative Links section.

After checking out the work on display in their portfolio, I hope you agree that the ‘AWWWARD site of the day’ winners are certainly worthy of their place in our ranks?

Welcome PANDR

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