The dream/worst design brief ever – The Olympic Logo

The Olympic Games – Is officially the worlds greatest spectacle and because of this is also the most scrutinised branding brief that you can imagine.

Back in 2007Wolff Olins unveiled the London 2012 logo to an enormous backlash of WHAT THE ….! Myself included but I for one quickly came round to really liking it and as the games draw closer I think the nations opinion has soften towards it but still Haters gonna Hate!

Well the Paralympic branding for Rio 2016 has now been released, after the plagiarism scandal surrounding the Olympic version earlier in the year. With both the new logos by Tatil now in hand along comes the inevitable (some might say unfair) comparisons.

I’ll get the ball rolling, as a non ashamed fan of the 2012 logo, I think Tatil – maybe in fear of receiving the same backlash that Wolff Olins received 4 years ago – have played it very safe. Using cliched trends that have arrived over the last year or so that will go out as quick as they came in and therefore be a distant memory before the games even begin in 5 years time. London 2012, as controversial as it may be, no one can deny will be remembered for at least trying to make a statement. It’s given partners/supporters of the games a distinct style to latch onto and use to create the necessary excitement and anticipation required ahead of the worlds greatest spectacle, and that will live on long after Usain Bolt claims another record in the 100m (thats if he makes it in the first place).

Anyway that’s my tuppence worth, without further ado…let the Games begin :)


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