Monetising Facebook ‘LIKE” with Flattr

As a ‘blogger’ I can’t help myself but be excited by the opportunities Flattr offers.

As another alternative to the Paypal donate button, it seems like it’s an opportunity to take the Facebook ‘LIKE’ button and add actual value to it.

If my understanding is correct basically as a Flattr user you’ll deposit a certain amount (determined by yourself) into your account at the start of a month, and then thru the course of the month you click various Flattr buttons as you come across content you value on the internet, then at the end of the month your deposit gets split equally into micropayments across all the sites you’ve ‘Flattr’d’. Brilliant! Get Flattr’ing!


3 responses to “Monetising Facebook ‘LIKE” with Flattr

  1. You’re absolutely right – and yes – it’s awesome :)

  2. Good understanding and explanation of Flattr. Too bad I had no Flattr button to press here…

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