Creative Bedfordshire

Happily stumbled across two little gems over the weekend that have even more enforced the message we at Beyond M25 preach that there is most definitely life in the creative industries ‘beyond the M25’.

The first being – Creative Bedfordshire

This is the exact sort of thing I hoped to stumble across when starting up BeyondM25 when looking for other creative services in the area.






Blurb from their website:

Creative Bedfordshire is the hub of creative enterprise in Bedfordshire, which responds to the needs of individuals and businesses, an up to date resource, valuable to the creative sector and the wider business community countywide, a link to local support, promoting Bedfordshire’s creative sector locally, nationally and globally.

The Creative Bedfordshire website offers Creative Industries a unique environment in which to promote their business and keep track of what’s going on across the County’s Creative scene. It provides an essential platform to help your business access other Creatives and promote yourself to new markets.

It’s very encouraging to see another place to explore/visit and use as a resource when trying to source inspiration or collaboration.

Looking forward to seeing more from them in the future.

The second of the little gems (courtesy of Creative Bedfordshire) is We Are Bedfords initiative The Castle Quay Weekender. See more here


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