Found a great talk by Usman Haque on getting people to participate given at PSFK conference in London earlier this year.

He shared some interesting insights including:

  • You cannot rely on the end goal being incentive enough to encourage individuals to cooperate on achieving the end goal
  • Design so that incremental participation results in incremental gains
  • Provide tools that enable intended participants to construct their own evidentary rationales for participating
  • Rather than trying to develop solutions to individual problems, construct means for actions in two seemingly unrelated domains to benefit each other
  • A public spectacle is engaging, requires no long-term commitment. It encourages people to observe, ask questions and occasionally, even to participate
  • Create social projects complex enough that a single individual cannot explain it to others, forcing participants to work together to find solutions.

Unfortunately this version of wordpress doesn’t allow me to embed the code for videos into posts (if you know otherwise please get in touch) so to see it you’ll have to link thru to the PSFK site by clicking here.


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