Schooloscope – Ofsted made easy

Being a parent of a toddler, this is an issue close to my heart.

The difficult and important decision on where to send them to school when they come of that age. Such an important decision that is not made easy by the masses of information collected by Ofsted but not exactly presented in such a way that average Joe (ie. me) can easily decifer to make an informed decision.

Well this is definately a step in the right direction:

London based design consultancy Berg have team up with channel fours 4iP on a project to help decloud the issue with Schooloscope.

It’s a simple to use website where you insert your potential school choice and it turns baffling numeric league tables and hard to find PDF reports into a simple one page summary to help you on your way, Green for good, Amber for ok, Red for baaaad. – Brilliant!

And it looks great to boot!

Read more about it at Channel 4’s 4iP or The Guardian.


One response to “Schooloscope – Ofsted made easy

  1. Hey Dave
    Interesting, but not that accurate?

    The latest info for my school is 5 years out of date and the school has changed a LOT in that time. Also the summary says the results are around national average. Ours (english and maths A* to C) are 66%, and national average is 49%. Thats not ‘around’ from my way of looking at it – thats significantly above!

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