Policy madness

Following the first Election Debate last week on live TV that set twitter alight, the awareness for the up and coming election has shot thru the roof (can only be a good thing). So with that in mind I thought it would be a good idea to post about this cracking website/tool that I for one found immensely helpful.

I’ve always struggled to see thru all the press bias towards certain parties and thought some parties were better represtented than others purely because they could afford to get more leaflets printed/billboard space hired. Vote for Policies I believe is one solution to that…

Matt Chocqueel-Mangan from Budcus, and Alistair Holt and Simon Plenderleith of Makitó Labs are responsible for this clean and simply designed functional site which puts policies up front and centre so it’s those you are making opinions/decisions on rather than the party with the most photogenic leader, biggest marketing budget, your favorite colour as their party colour (all of which I have actually heard people say as reasons for voting for a particular party!)

Have a go on it here, you might surprise yourself with the results!

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